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Designed to simplify the tasks of Web3 developers and integrate most useful features possible
Developed by SwissTech & Tipper Dev. Team

- Snapshot

- Farm-bot tracking/exclusion

- Airdrop

- Simulation test run

- Check AD

- Unlimited reward setups

- CSV import/export

- Paired Token/Multi rewarding

- APY Pool structure

- Automated rewarding

- NFT holder rewarding

- Seller exclusion

- Richlist

- Assistance


Use TPR as a side reward for your token or as a replacement when you run out of distribution funds. Send Tips to your community using our solutions and save time and energy.


Be able to reward your NFT holders and add some boost to your collections. Enjoy an automated reward solution and focus on your project.


A successful giveaway requires an attractive prize pool. By offering the TPR token, you will gain more followers and potential investors for your project.


Upgrade or build your game in P2E using the power of XRPL. Offer trusted value in your games and get the excitement you've been looking for.

We Are Flexible And  Understand Your Needs

The Tipper team is dedicated and skilled to meet any task and challenge. Contact us and ask us about our custom solutions to help your project. We offer a wide range of options for every community size and budget.

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